La Bandera Phase III HOA


How to Make Payment

Your HOA Dues can be paid by check or money order to "La Bandera III" and mailed to PO Box 26691, Benbrook, TX 76126. You may also hand deliver your payment to the HOA President or Treasurer if you wish to save postage (email for details). Finally, we also offer payment via bank transfer, debit, or credit card with Paypal. Please note Paypal charges the HOA a fee for each transfer. This fee is approximately $10; thus, a convenience fee of $10 will be added to any payment via Paypal for a total charge of $260. Please click the link below for a Paypal payment.

How Much are Dues?

***The HOA ran a deficit of about $1800 in 2016. If we are successful in our aggressive cost control measures, we should be able to make budget and replenish our reserves without increasing our dues in 2017.***

The HOA dues for 2017 have been set at $250 including the collection for the "wall fund" required by City of Benbrook Reserve Fund. The reserve fund must be established to cover the cost of maintenance to the retaining wall on Cook Ranch Road. The City originally required the HOA to accrue a fund of $41,650 within 5 years; however, the HOA negotiated a longer term of 8 years. With 111 homes in Phase 3 this is slightly under $50 per year. The pie chart below demonstrates where each dollar of a homeowner's dues is applied (assuming all 111 homeowners pay their dues).

HOA Dues
Expense Category 2017
Master Dues  $8,349
Landscape  $6,000
Repair/Maintenance   $1,500
Insurance  $2,643
Water  $1,400
Postage  $200
Other  $290
Wall Fund  $5,000
Margin  $2,370
Total  $27,752
Per Household  $250

Due to the increases in Master HOA dues plus the high Repair/Maintenance and Water costs, our HOA dues have not fully covered our expenses over the last two years. The HOA board is putting a strong focus on reducing our expenses, and have adopted a budget based on aggressive cost control and increased volunteer participation.  

When is Payment Due?

HOA payment is due the 1st of January.

Invoices for the 2017 dues will be emailed the first week of November. Payment is due by January 1. If payment is not received by January 1, a $25 late fee will be assessed and the new due date will be February 1. Additional interest of 18% will be added after March 1.

To prevent future financial difficulties, the HOA will be diligent in the collection of dues. Please help your HOA by paying your dues timely. We sincerely hope everyone takes their payment of dues seriously and avoids these additional charges. The HOA reserves the right to waive penalties as long as the homeowner contacts the HOA prior to the penalty being levied. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding HOA dues, please contact one of your HOA committee members.