La Bandera Phase III HOA

How to Make Payment

Your HOA Dues can be paid by check or money order to:

La Bandera III
 PO Box 26691
Benbrook, TX 76126

You may also hand deliver your payment to the HOA President or Treasurer if you wish to save postage (email for details).

We also offer payment via bank transfer, debit, or credit card with Paypal. Please note Paypal charges the HOA a fee for each transfer. This fee is approximately $10; thus, a convenience fee of $10 will be added to any payment via Paypal for a total charge of $260. Please click the link below for a Paypal payment.



How Much are Dues?

The HOA dues for 2021 have been set at $250 including the continuation of collection for the "wall fund" and $25 per house hold towards a special project. 

The pie chart below demonstrates where each dollar of a homeowner's dues will be applied in 2021 (assuming all 111 homeowners pay their dues).

HOA Dues
Expense Category 2021
Master Dues  $8,350
Landscape  $6,500
Repair/Maintenance   $1,800
Insurance  $3,100
Water  $2,000
Postage  $250
Other  $150
Wall Fund  $5,550
Total  $27,700
Per Household  $250

Over the past couple of years, we have taken significant hits to the budget for repairs and water loss. We have worked hard to remediate these issues and control these expenses. We have also worked with the City and waste company to keep their trucks off the grass as well. Additionally, we have changes landscape services to reduce costs and used neighborhood volunteers for planting the entrance beds. Through these efforts, we have been able to reasonably maintain our overall expenses.

When is Payment Due?

HOA payment is due the 1st of January.

Invoices for the 2020 dues will be emailed the first week of November. Payment is due by December 31st. If payment is not received by January 1, a $25 late fee will be assessed and the new due date will be February 1. Additional interest of 18% will be added after March 1.

To prevent future financial difficulties, the HOA will be diligent in the collection of dues. Please help your HOA by paying your dues timely. We sincerely hope everyone takes their payment of dues seriously and avoids these additional charges. The HOA reserves the right to waive penalties as long as the homeowner contacts the HOA prior to the penalty being levied. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding HOA dues, please contact one of your HOA committee members.