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Neighborhood Watch

La Bandera HOA has an organized Benbrook Neighborhood Watch program. There are currently 5 active members patrolling the neighborhood throughout the week. These members are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity, open garage doors (if we see open doors during the day with no cars in the garage/driveway we will close your garage for you), unusual cars not normally in the neighborhood (large vans, etc), and other various signs of possible criminal activity. If you happen to spot anything suspicious please do not hesitate to call the City of Benbrook at 817-249-4803 or dial 911 if it is an emergency. We spoke with Officers Wes Cooper and Doug Boyd and both strongly emphasized calling immediately for anything out of the ordinary. They clearly stated it is practically impossible to "call too much" - the officers would much rather respond to nothing than drive around the city handing out traffic citations.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Your HOA.

Protect La Bandera Section Leaders

The following PowerPoint file contains information on your La Bandera Neighborhood Watch section leaders. It is their responsibility to take notice of any unusual activity in the neighborhood and report it to the HOA and/or the Benbrook Police. These leaders will be regularly patrolling the neighborhood and becoming familiar with normal activity. If you see them out and about be sure to let them know of any concerns you might have and they will be happy to help (for example, if you are going to be out of town and want someone to keep an eye on your property).

City of Benbrook Crime Reports.

Benbrook Neighborhood Watch PowerPoint Presentation.